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Please take a moment and read a little of our history. You can see how our club has grown thoughout the years. You will also see that one of our many goals is to be able to give back to the community.


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The Danish American Club

In Orange County California

1967 - 2022

A Short History and List of Past Presidents

According to old records and conversations with founding President Mr. Erik Meyer, The Danish American Club in Orange County (DAC) was founded in October 1967 by invitation only. By the end of that year 26 members had been accepted.

The early records indicate that the DAC with Hr. Meyer as its primus motor was very active with arranging cultural visits from Denmark such as The Danish National Gymnastic Team, The Danish Radio Boys Choir, (several times) various Danish University Choirs and Bands and on many occasions, The Helsingør Girls Marching Band.

Most other Club activities at that time would take place in private homes. In 1973 Hr. Meyer and the Danish American Club started the Orange International Street Fair in downtown Orange as part of the City's Centennial Celebration.

In 1979 the club had about 80 members--invitation only had long since stopped. Also, that same year discussions were held regarding leasing property in downtown Orange for club functions, but it was turned down.

In 1982 June and Haakon "Andy" Andersen invited the DAC to have its activities upstairs in their new Nursery Business Building on the corner of Artesia Blvd and Roseton Ave in Artesia. When the Andersen's sold that property in 1990, they consequently invited the Club to a renovated building (Bjælkehytten) on their beautiful garden property just a block away from their now former business. Here the DAC has enjoyed many years of cultural and social togetherness.

In the fall of 1992, the club celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Orange County Mining Company in Orange. Ninety (90) members and guests attended a great dinner dance! The Club is still very active in charity work and outreach programs. Thanks to income generated from our participation in the Street Fair, the Club donates every year to worthy causes--Danish as well as American.

When the Danish Lutheran Church and Cultural Center finally relocated from LA to Yorba Linda in 1994, the DAC was very active in fund raising for the new church. The DAC is still very active and arranges several social events throughout the year in the Cultural Center.


Oct.1967 -1968 Erik Meyer
1969-1970 Osmund Schellerup
1970-1977 Erik Meyer
1978-1979 Bernard Howard
1980-1981 Arvid Bollesen
1982-1985 Ruth Pløger
1986-1987 Arne Brinkland
1988-1989 Arvid Bollesen
1990-1991 Grace Sørensen
1991-1993 Bernard Howard
1994-1995 Arne Brinkland
1996-1998 Vivian Daily
1999-2000 Leo Jensen
2001-2004 Gert Lykke
2005-2006 Lilian Lykke
2007-2007 John "Firechief" Nielsen
2008-2011 Arne Brinkland
2011-2011 Mikael Væde
2011-2012 Vivian Daily
2012 - 2015 Lilian Lykke
2015 - Present Mark Christensen